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Autodesk Nfr License Agreement

We generally provide our software licensing agreements electronically within each software product in the form of a Click Through license. Please refer to the corresponding software for the software license agreement that applies to this software. Unless you have another agreement directly with Autodesk that controls and changes your use of Autodesk software products, you are subject to the terms of the software license agreement that is accompanied by the software product. For your convenience, we have published below the software licensing agreements for some of our products and software versions. These agreements are only made available here for reference purposes. Remember that you are bound by the specific software license agreement that applies to every software product you have authorized and installed. If you cannot find yourself in the product and version you have authorized and installed, please contact License. Frequent Errors Customers can make mistakes with Autodesk software licenses, how: – Thinking that all software licensing agreements are equal – let people/departments buy their own software – reuse old machines – Employees download non-conceded software – Don`t understand the terms of use – Buy an industrial collection and make it available on different machines – Don`t use an autodesk asset management process autodesk autodesk software licenses, whether it`s stand-alone, are created and sold for a number of users at the same time. The installation is available when the specific license is installed on different computers, which goes beyond the number of instances authorized by the corresponding Autodesk software license agreement.

Over-installed conditions can be done simply by multiple licensing on different computers or, in the case of network licenses, by simultaneously editing the network license file on multiple servers, increasing the number of licenses allowed. Because the overinstall does not adequately increase the number of software licenses available, the purchase of additional licenses to compensate for the overloaded installation is an acceptable compliance resolution. You are also responsible for the security of your account and all activities related to your account. This means (among other things) that you (i) make sure that only your authorized users use offers related to your account and (ii) back up user IDs or passwords and do not release them (except with authorized account administrators). If you suspect unauthorized use of your account, please contact Licenses with invalid serial numbers – aka Autodesk Counterfeit or Hacking concedes its software in network forms or standalone forms. Autonomous licenses made available through networks are not compliant. Conversely, network licenses may be poorly installed and non-compliant. For example, network licenses that are installed on a server as a standalone license in addition to the network license file effectively expand the pool of licenses available beyond the network license file authorization. An acceptable resolution is the purchase of additional licenses corresponding to the non-compliant provision. Authorized users are (i) you (if you are an individual) and (ii) the identified persons (z.B. Your individual employees, consultants and contractors and others who access an offer in your favor and use it) for whom you have purchased a subscription for an offer.

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