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Ayat About Agreement

However, some scholars have rejected this concept of Ālam al-Arwah or Ālam al-Zar. They give a different explanation of the traditions and ayats that deal with this subject. According to them, Ālam al-Arwah (the spiritual plan) is essentially innate human nature designed by Allah (S.w.T.) in such a way that it wants to obey Allah`s order (S.w.T.) and does not want to follow Shaitan. Of course, man`s capacity for thought commands him to follow his nature and, accordingly, obey the orders of Allah (S.w.T.). Thus, when a man violates Allah`s orders, he goes against his own nature. These thinkers regard the covenant as the same as the innate nature given to us by Allah (S.w.T.). This book does not deal with the details of these two theories. It goes without saying that the contracts and transactions to be respected are only those that are legal and authorized. It is indeed sinful to deal with everything that Allah (SWT) and His Messenger (SAW) have declared forbidden or undesirable.

One should not, for example, sign contracts or sales contracts related to prohibited products such as narcotics, alcohol, pork, or related to engagement and illegal activities such as usury, gambling, lotteries, gambling and anything that promotes nudity, immorality and indecency. In the name of fashion, culture, progress and progress, Shaytan incites people to engage in cheap, vulgar, shameless and morally false practices. It makes them think that Allah is Ghafur your-Raheem, but makes you forget that Allah is also shaded ul-`Iqab. As Muslims, we must be careful with Satan`s tricks and tricks. Marriage is not a business from which each shareholder seeks maximum profit in defiance of the loss of his partner. Rather, it is an agreement that each party works for the good of the other and works together for their mutual comfort and happiness. This is the relationship described in the Qur`an: According to the Fatawa (religious decrees) of the main Mujtahids, it is Wajib to abide by the terms of a transaction, and it is obligatory to abide by it.

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