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Bessin Agreement

Nevertheless, Macron is showing signs that he is moving towards a deal. The 20,000 French fishermen and 10,000 fish processing workers can be unpleasant, however. This act on the part of Peshwa, their nominal leader, horrified and disgusted the leaders of Maratha; In particular, the leaders of Scindia of Gwalior and the leaders of Bhonsale of Nagpur and Berar challenged the agreement. French president`s hard line on fishing rights is seen as one of the last remaining obstacles to a deal French Agriculture Minister Stephane Travert told Europe 1 radio station that he had discussed the issue on Thursday night with a British minister and that industry representatives would meet next week to work out an agreement. But Macron is under pressure from Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, not to torpedo nearly £700 billion in annual trade between Britain and the EU by blocking a fisheries deal, which is far less important for Germany. If Britain leaves the EU`s internal market without a deal, it will be due in part to President Emmanuel Macron`s sensitivity to the plight of fishermen like Cauvin. Macron has made access to British fish farming areas a key condition for any deal, while the British government has vowed to regain control of its waters. With negotiating teams in London this week for a final intensive phase of talks, fishing rights have become an important sore point. “As far as the draft agreement is concerned, several member states will ask for improvements in fisheries,” said a diplomatic source close to the negotiations, expressing concerns on the issue in France, Denmark, Spain, Portugal and the Netherlands. The French president`s hard line on fisheries rights is one of the last remaining obstacles to an agreement. But with just a year and a half to go before national elections, being seen as the defender of France`s coastal communities could prove to be a valuable electoral advantage for Macron. While May`s critics shouted betrayal at home, the EU said it was the best possible deal given the existing red lines on both sides, namely that May`s government decided to leave both the EU`s customs union and the internal market through Brexit, while maintaining the border between the British province of Northern Ireland and Ireland, EU Member State. After similar clashes in 2012, French and British fishing organizations negotiated an agreement each summer that British fleets would not start dredging scallops in the Bay of Seine in front of the French, in exchange for some of the dredging permits issued by French fishermen.

“A Brexit that goes wrong, an agreement that does not renew the conditions we have now could have a lasting impact on the economy,” said Port-en-Bessin Mayor Christophe Van Roye, who also runs the local trust as well as a cooperative that sells sailors` clothing and fuel. On Tuesday, French ships collided with British trawlers off the coast of Normandy and threw projectiles and insults into a dispute that erupted after a previous deal failed. . . .

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