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Can My Job Description Be Changed Without My Agreement

If you can`t reach an agreement, you may want to consider asserting a claim in an employment court or suing your employer for breach of contract (so-called “breach of contract”). Why does it happen again? In today`s economy, companies need to adapt quickly to changing market needs, Coleman says. “Such a rapid change at the company level will inevitably impact an employee`s role and responsibilities and can likely be done without formal promotion or downgrading as part of your duties.” Over the course of your career in a company, you will find that your work and responsibilities evolve over time. But can your employer change your job description without consulting you first? Flexibility clauses allow an employer to change workplace tasks without the worker`s consent. These types of clauses are usually found in a job description according to the slogan “With the main tasks, you are also expected to perform all the other tasks that are reasonably requested of you”. Some job descriptions contain references to the results or results that the employee should generate, for example.B sales targets or the number of customer hours calculated. “It`s tempting to do this, but you`re probably not the only one in this situation and morale is probably pretty low in the company without you making it lower,” Teach says. “Their superiors are probably also unhappy with their situation. Many superiors will tell you that you are lucky to have a job, so complaining will only make things worse. “Yes, in some cases. As a general rule, unless otherwise provided in an employment contract or collective agreement, an employer may change a worker`s occupational obligations, schedule or place of work without the worker`s consent.

When it comes to notifications, some government and local laws require companies to inform employees in advance of their schedules or expect penalties. If a schedule is changed when the employee arrives at work and the employee`s total hours of work have been reduced that day by what was notoriously scheduled the day before, some states have so-called “reporting pay” or “Show Up Pay” rules, which require a minimum amount of hours of employees who suffered a loss of hours that day. See Is the preparation schedule on the way out? and reporting time pay. If the company is going through tough times and you`re doing the work of two people without extra pay or title and it looks like the situation isn`t changing for a very long time, you might have to consider getting a new job, Teach says. . .

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