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Collaboration Agreement Chinese

Rfef and China You have entered into an advisory and training agreement to develop football in the Asian country over the next 10 years. President Luis Rubiales on Tuesday signed the cooperation agreement with a Chinese consortium, according to a statement from the RFEF. As published by the federal body, they concluded that a replica of the football city of Las Rozas in Beijing and four other satellite sites will be built in different Chinese cities. The RFEF It will also take care of the training of players and coaches in Tianjin, one of the centers recognized by FIFA. Unfortunately, some Chinese companies that wish to acquire foreign technologies often receive them from European companies, either through accidental leakage of intellectual property or in violation of Chinese agreements or legislation. The protection of intellectual property by the courts and other avenues in China remains mixed due to the evolution of the judicial system. As a result, European companies that do not think carefully about how to protect themselves against IP risks when transferring technology to China may unintentionally suffer a loss of competitiveness and market share by losing their intellectual property to their Chinese competitors. ASA strives to improve international cooperation with the world`s leading societies in the field of anesthesiology, intensive care and pain. CSA is one of the largest anesthesiology companies in the world and has grown rapidly and has a growing influence in the specialty.

Current initiatives will facilitate cooperation between the two largest companies and aim to advance the field in a positive way around the world. The agreement is one of many international initiatives ASA is taking to expand its reach outside the United States. Creation of a WFOE: when a WFOE structure is used, the risk of IP is lower, with European SMEs having the greatest control over their subsidiary at 100%. In these structures, IP risk management often involves focusing on reducing or preventing IP leaks by employees and business partners. For example, when setting up an R&D center, it is important to ensure that the inventors of the staff are properly remunerated and that the intellectual property developed is regularly registered and managed, including patent application and copyright registration. . . .

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