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Nr Collective Bargaining Agreement

The basic agreement is the first part of all collective agreements that have been or will be concluded between Industri Energi and the NSA. Complement to the Protocol As part of the revision of the 1996 agreement, Industri Energi called for the introduction of a regulation stipulating that workers in subcontracting units, who naturally fall under the heading, must be considered under the agreement. The NSA explained that this could lead to legal and/or commercial complications. However, nsa members are trying to influence these subcontractors in order to become parties to the agreement and, at the request of the local stewards shop, to report on what has been done in this regard. In addition, the parties refer to the existing obligation not to enter into new agreements in opposition to the agreement. LO`s right to organize a sympathy strike in companies that are members of the NSA to support claims against uns organized companies applies subject to requirements that do not exceed Nsa collective agreements for similar transactions. 1. The application of the extended leave period, i.e. 5 working days, see paragraph 15 of the Public Holiday Act, is encouraged by the introduction of the remaining part as a contractual agreement and inscribed as an appendix to all agreements. This is a condition for companies to comply with the 1/3 rule, as expressed in offshore regulation. It is also necessary for local agreements to contain provisions relating to call time and clarification of availability requirements. However, the parties stress that such provisions and clarifications should not be interpreted in such a way that workers are in a national tax system at home. The basic agreement also applies to offshore mobile units that are members of the NSA (registered in Norway) and are in service on foreign shelves, as long as they are mentioned in a collective agreement.

Pool agreements may provide that, in some other cases, employees may be leased to other companies. In this case, in accordance with the J.C.5 of the basic agreement and Schedule 5 of that agreement, more specific rules for periodic interviews, etc., must be established. To the extent that the pool contract does not contain such rental provisions, the parties must obtain the agreement of the central organisations in accordance with point 1.

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