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Translation Service Agreement Sample

7. Property and copyright: After the completion of the client`s full payment, the translation rights of the agreed thing are the property of the client. The translator reserves the copyright on the translation until the full payment of his services. The client receives material translation rights before the translation rights are published or used. The translator is not required to take steps to protect the client`s copyright, trademark rights or other translation rights. Notwithstanding the above, the translator has the right, subject to the provisions of paragraph 6, to keep the shipments of the objects to be translated and the translation. Clients and translators recognize and accept that specifications and all other documents and information relating to performance, production, creation or any expression of work services or products are the property of the client. Documents provided between translators and clients (“confidential information”), including, but not limited, documentation, product specifications, drawings, photos, graphics, correspondence, supplier lists, financial reports, analyses and other furnished real estate are the exclusive property of the respected owner (the “owner”) and constitute valuable business secrets. Both parties retain confidential information confidential and may not, at any time during or after the duration of the agreement, disclose or disclose confidential information to third parties, directly or indirectly or in part, without the prior written consent of the possessing party.

Before using the Contract Pack, I often forget to include items in my agreements with customers that cause frustration, usually on my side. This package of contracts allowed me to keep a consistent look at my customer documents and helped me to be more proactive and helpful for my clients by covering all the bases I need to cover. 13. Full agreement. This is the total agreement of the parties on the purpose of this agreement. Changes to this agreement must be signed in writing by both parties. This agreement will not be concluded until the two parties sign and provide fully signed copies to each party in a binding contract.

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