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Turkey Libya Eez Agreement

“Any treaty and international agreement reached by a member of the Organization after this Charter enters into force will be registered and published by the Secretariat as soon as possible,” Article 102 states. In Libya, the signing of the memorandum elicited different reactions: it was welcomed by the government`s supporters of the national agreement, but rejected by supporters of Khalifa Haftar and the Tobruk Parliament. Ahmad Al Mismari, the official spokesman for Haftar`s forces, rejected the agreement and warned that “military force will be used to prevent any violation of Libyan sovereignty.” [11] Members of the Tobruk Parliament expressed similar sentiments, while President Aguila Saleh Issa sent a letter to the UN GENERAL SECRETARy, Antonio Guterres, in which they called the agreement “null and void”. Saleh called for the agreement to be ratified by the Tobruk parliament and “Libya and Turkey have no common maritime borders.” [12] The maritime agreement between Turkey and Libya was largely a response to the Eastern Mediterranean Forum, which was launched in 2019 with seven Member States, including Turkey. In order to preserve its interest in the region, Ankara duly concluded the agreement with the Libyan GNA on 27 November; it was ratified by the Turkish parliament on 5 December. Ankara then submitted the registration agreement to the UN to protect its rights from the unilateral and illegal activities of other regional countries and international groups. In August 2020, Egypt and Greece signed an agreement that designated an exclusive economic zone between the two countries. The announcement was made at a joint press conference with the foreign ministers of the two countries, during which inter in allia stated that the agreement provided for a partial delimitation of maritime borders between the two countries and that the remaining delimitation would be achieved through consultations. [19] The parliaments of both countries quickly ratified the agreement and in October 2020, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi signed the agreement, which was later published in the country`s Official Journal. [20] Turkey dismissed the agreement between Greece and Egypt as “null and void,” adding that Greece and Egypt had no common maritime border. [21] As summary above, it would be, according to the principle of non-intervention of the law, to grant Greece only maritime areas located near the coasts of Turkey (whose coasts are the longest in the eastern Mediterranean).

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