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Uhpa Collective Bargaining Agreement

1017 Palm Drive, Honolulu, HI 96814 Google Map Email Link: 808-593-2157 The Faculty Union believes that UHPA should be involved in the process, as described in the collective agreement. Tariff units 2, 3, 8 and 9 ratified all their agreements between September and January, as indicated by written statements from the Department of Budget and Finance. Negotiation Unit 4 ratified its agreement on 3 March. The HGEA represents most bargaining units that will not see further pay increases until the legislature meets again. The salary increase would be in addition to the 2% increase and would be in line with what other bargaining units receive. UHPA contracts are renewed every four years; However, they can negotiate the increase every two years. “We will negotiate with all public workers` unions to discuss the impact of the shortfall and see if we can agree on what is the best way to do it,” Ige said. All faculty members (1/2 time or more) of the UH system are included in Bargaining Unit 7 by national law. Annual contributions of 1% of your salary are paid by salary deduction. To become an active member, you must complete a UHPA membership application. Since November 1, 1974, UHPA has been the exclusive negotiating partner for all members of the faculty of the university system with continuous service.

But that cannot happen while the legislative branch is pending. Funding for increases is subject to legislative approval by the Land Law on Collective Bargaining. Even after the Revenue Council reduced the projection of public tax revenues by $300 million earlier this month, the legislature was expected to fund the new agreements. Hawai`i Government Employees` Association (HGEA), Local 152, AFSCME, AFL-CIO represents seven units covering supervisory nurses, office nurses, scientific nurses and professional nurses from 13 tariff units in national and regional governments. Contact the State of Hawaii Employees` Retirement System (ERS) at 808.586.1735 or 1.888.659.0708 for members residing in the Americas. You can also visit the ERS website. “Everyone keeps talking about what you are in the same canoe. Well, in this situation, I felt like canoeing with the UHPA and faculty maybe not even abandoned at the beach.¬†Qualified GAs may be appointed instructors for the registration of a course in which he is solely responsible for all aspects, including, but not limited to, teaching planning, courses, office hours, notes and grades. These GIs should be compensated in accordance with the teachers` fee plan. There is still money in the state budget to pay the base salary of all public sector employees since the legislature approved the biennial budget last year.

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