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Virgin Media Business Service Level Agreement

4. We have reason to believe that you have provided us with false, inaccurate or misleading information, either for the purposes of purchasing services and/or equipment, or at any time in the service delivery; At Virgin Media Business, we strive to provide you with a quality, cost-effective and reliable solution that meets your business requirements. To ensure that you get the best possible solution for your business, we follow some important steps in our sales journey. 1. We may suspend or reduce one of the services immediately without notice, as long as the suspension event persists, if: example reduction in action (based on the May 2009 scheme): the customer has an L package (10 Mbps) that has a 3GB threshold of 10:00-15:00 and a threshold of 1.5GB between 16.00 and 21.00 hours with a threshold of 75% for five hours. Customers download more than 3Gb on Tuesday mornings between 10am and 3pm. The customer is then reduced to 2.5 Mbps for the next five hours from the time he exceeds the threshold, after which normal operation is resumed. [71] 4. Any example we have given of content from the television service (including in advertising, direct advertising, imStore, internet or telephone) is just one example of content that may be available as part of the TV service at the time of the announcement, and the example cannot always be seen on the TV service for the duration of the agreement.

1. There is a change or change in laws, codes of conduct, guidelines or regulations that apply to Virgin Media, Virgin Media Payments or the services available to you; 1. Neither we nor Virgin Media Payments are responsible for not doing what is promised under this agreement if this is hampered by issues that are not of our proper control. 2. If you move to another address in our service section, you can ask us to provide the services at your new address. To do this, you must take a minimum of 30 days in advance in The Mouth. a program or service that will be offered for sale as an individual purchase, either at certain departure times or on request. In 2013, Virgin Media[72] changed its traffic management policy to the detriment of its customers.

The new directive stipulated a maximum reduction of 40% for most services, but users indicated that most services have been reduced by the same amount. [73] Virgin Media`s advertising of its “unlimited” broadband services and their controversial traffic management is currently under investigation by the Advertising Standards Authority following the ban on previous ads. [74] 1. The first date the service is available to you or six. Your phone rates and call rates, which apply from time to time, can be found in our pricing guide, which is published in this section of Virgin Media`s website ( If not, you can call us to ask for a copy. The tariffs set in the tariff guide prevail over all slots in generic marketing materials. We can notify you of rate changes and calls by publishing an updated pricing guide on Virgin Media`s website.

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